Overheard at Webmaster Jam Session 2007

Last weekend I had the good fortune to attend the 2007 Webmaster Jam Session. I enjoyed the experience of learning from some great speakers, meeting some new friends and hanging out with old friends and new co-workers. I haven't had the mental bandwidth to sit down and comprehensively write down everything I learned and how it will shape my future. But I did take a few notes and thought it'd be good to share something, so I put together a list of "one-liners" from my notes of a few of the sessions I attended. These really aren't in any particular order - more of a mind dump, if you will.

Successful interface design ...
integrates the user and the business
is invisible
is multi-disciplined
is cultural
- Jared Spool

The internet is smarter than you are. - Brian Oberkirch

Flat is boring. - Dan Rubin/Bryan Veloso

Change what you do everything 3 years. It keeps you intelligent, funny and relevant. - Michael Lopp

Make all visual distinctions as subtle as possible, but still clear and effective. - Tufte's "Smallest Effective Difference" Principle, quoted several times by different speakers.

The funniest thing for me was when I was thinking to myself why they call it the "Webmaster Jam Session". I mean, do people call themselves webmasters anymore? Not 5 minutes after I thought this did a guy stood up and introduced himself: "Hi, I'm ________________, I'm the Webmaster for Rockwall ISD." Who knew?

If I had a good camera or had a clue how to take good photographs, I'd post a bunch of them here. But I don't and I didn't. However, you might like to check out some photos snapped of the event here, here and here.