What's On Your iPhone?

I've been the proud owner of one of the new Apple 3G iPhone's for the past couple of months and couldn't be happier with it. After a couple months of everday use, I've pretty much settled into a comfortable state and have everything set up the way I like. I've downloaded a few apps and established a few Home Screen favorites. I figured I would take a moment to document the current state of my iPhone.

Screenshot of my iPhone Home Screen

I employ a 3-page Home Screen set up. First page contains apps I use and access frequently, like iCal, ESPN, CNN and Twitterific among others. Second page is for lesser used apps and accessories such as Weather, the App Store and Calculator. The third page is reserved for games only. I have a handful of free games I keep on there - you know, for the kids.

What apps are you using? How have you organized your iPhone? Feel free to post your own images or links to same in the comments.