Post No Bills

Yesterday as we were driving to lunch, we passed this one area that had a long stucco wall along a sidewalk and on the wall there were all these special sayings, some from Ghandi, and some from the Bible actually. Some were very random like: "God first!" and "You never get a second chance to make a last impression." About every 50 feet or so there was a saying, "Post No Bills". I could not figure out why that one was so popular. I thought for sure there was some neat meaning behind those 3 simple words. It had to be significant, otherwise why would it be so prominent on this "wall of important sayings" or whatever it was.

After spending a good 5 or so minutes taking turns guessing what significance this could have and probably making complete fools of ourselves, the driver told us that Post No Bills means "Don't write or post anything here." Duh. They just wanted to leave some blank areas every 50 feet or so and didn't want it covered up with ads, playbills or posters, which seem to cover so many public areas like wallpaper.

We found it funny that we thought this was some deep cultural meaning and it was just a notice to "keep this area blank". Are we trying too hard to get into the culture or what? :)