Seems like I'm constantly being remind of how many things I take for granted in this life. Last week I went to the health clinic to get some immunization shots for my trip to India. I definitely take for granted the healthcare system we have here in the United States. Its not perfect, by any means, but looking at all the color-coded disease zoned world maps at the health clinic reminded me that the U.S. is a very safe place to live. On these maps, anything shaded in white was "safe" whereas varying shades of pink/red indicated danger areas. The only areas in the whole world that were consistently white were U.S., Canada, Australia and parts of Eastern/Northern Europe. Anywhere else in the world and you are at risk for contracting horrible diseases such as Hepatitis, Typhoid and Polio - many of which we are immunized against as babies in the U.S.

So when the doctor started reviewing all the grim and grisly ways I might contract a disease, I actually started to have a little bit of fear. I was thinking, "Load me up with whatever I need, cuz the last thing I want is go over there and get freaking Hepatitis!"

I received 5 shots &8212; Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Influenza and Polio. I also got a prescription for Malaria medication.

There are many ways we can die during a routine day here in America, but I am thankful that immunization is state-of-the-art. My heart goes out to those around the world that don't have that luxury.