The Wisdom of Yoda

This morning I was disciplining Chloe because she was not acting very kind, shall we say. I was explaining to her that the reason why she was acting like this, which was not her normal self, was because she was being selfish and only thinking about what she wanted. So in walks Bennett with his 2¢. He said, "Chloe, remember what Yoda says: 'Selfishness leads to fear; fear leads to hate; hate leads to fate; fate leads to anger; and anger leads to death.' Remember that from the movie, Chloe?"

So I said, "Bennett, please leave - I'm talking to Chloe."

I don't think Yoda phrased it exactly like that, but I think Bennett got the jist of the idea. The way he said it was so "father-figure", it was funny. He really thought he was helping her by imparting his advice like that.

Silly kid. :)