The Mountains are Calling

And I must go.

We've lived in Minnesota now for 6 years. We love so many things about Minnesota. We've met a bunch of cool people, have had the most terrific neighbors and have made some great friends.

But soon we'll be turning the page, starting a new chapter and heck, probably writing a whole new book. In July, we'll be moving to Fort Collins, Colorado.

Fortunately, I'll be able to continue working for SPS Commerce, managing the product design and corporate brand efforts from our new home in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. I'm extremely thankful for my team at SPS Commerce and very glad I'll be able to continue working with those guys. Once-in-a-lifetime friends and coworkers for sure.

It's not very often that you have the opportunity to move just because you want to, not because of a job relocation or some other factors dictate such a huge life change. As much as we love Minnesota, we've wanted to move somewhere out west where we could be closer to the mountains and enjoy a lot more of our favorite outdoor activities. Having family already in Colorado made it a natural choice.

We've made so many amazing memories here and there's a lot we'll miss about living in Minnesota, but we're super excited for this next phase of our lives.

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I write about design and UX, family, religion, sports, mountain biking, and dumb observations. I'm a web, mobile, UX, and product designer living in Colorado.