As the Director of UX at Northpass, I wear a number of different hats.

I was hired to revive a struggling UX practice, establish some healthy processes, create a design system, and introduce life into the interface design and user experience of our learning management software. I'm responsible for all design across the company - managing both UX Design and the Brand Design.

From a product standpoint, I'm responsible for the user experience of our LMS admin portal and our LX, or Learning Experience, which is how learners interact with course content managed by Northpass. The admin portal is how learning administrators organize courses, create course content, manage learners, analyze course and learner activity, and configure a number of other advanced settings. We're constantly improving our product in an effort to elevate the experience for both learners and learning administrators.

During my time at Northpass, I've also led a complete redesign of our brand and the creation of a Figma-based design system that unifies our brand and product design patterns to achieve a previously unknown level of cohesion. The Brand Design team curates and maintains our brand standards. We work closely with our Marketing team to produce brand-strengthening assets for social media, blog posts, sales collateral, slideware, display ads, recruitment campaigns, and our corporate website.

Examples coming soon!