Portfolio Samples

How I Work

As a Design Manager
As a manager I refuse to micro-manage people. I know first hand how annoying that is and would never do that to another human.

I like to treat people as adults and professionals. Up front, I make clear my expectations - and they are high. And then I expect the designers that work for me to act accordingly.

I like to spend most of my time working side-by-side with my designers in the trenches ideating, sketching, white-boarding, designing and helping them find solutions to problems — if they need the help. Otherwise, I encourage them challenge norms and offer alternate viewpoints, mentoring them to become better designers.

I believe that people and relationships are what matter most and last the longest. To that end, I make it my goal to cultivate a casual atmosphere where people are more important that process, but where the work is taken seriously and everyone puts forth max effort.

As a Designer
I believe design is not just what something looks like — its the combination of what it looks like, what it feels like and how it works.

As a product designer, I believe my job is to solve problems. I do that by talking to real users and identifying needs, pain points and delight factors. Then I work with technology teams to discover constraints and then design the best possible solution within those constraints.

My design philosophy is "less, but better". I honestly believe that less is more and not just for the sake of some pompous avante garde aesthetic. It is my experience that simplifying a design makes it a better design.

I work hard and expect others around me to do the same. I like to help people as much as possible and will go out of my way to deliver on a commitment. My philosophy is to under-promise and over-deliver.